The Ins and Outs of Step Deck Trailers: What You Need to Know

If you’re in the business of hauling oversized or heavy loads, you know that finding the right trailer can be a challenge. A traditional flatbed trailer might not be sufficient for loads that are too tall, too wide, or too heavy. That’s where Step Deck Trailers come in. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Step Deck Trailers and what you need to know about them.

Step Deck Trailers

What is a Step Deck Trailer?

A step deck trailer, also known as a drop deck trailer or lowboy trailer, is a specialized type of semi-trailer used for transporting oversized and heavy cargo. It is designed with a unique configuration that includes a lower deck and an upper deck, creating a step-like structure.

The lower deck of a trailer is positioned closer to the ground compared to a standard flatbed trailer. This design allows for the transportation of taller cargo that exceeds the height restrictions of conventional trailers. The lower deck is typically located at the front of the trailer and provides additional clearance for taller items.

The upper deck of a trailer situated at the rear and is shorter in length compared to the lower deck. Offers extra loading space and flexibility for cargo placement. The upper deck often used for carrying lighter or shorter items, while the lower deck accommodates taller or heavier freight.

One of the key features of a trailer the presence of loading ramps. These ramps allow for easy and safe loading and unloading of cargo onto the different deck levels. They provide accessibility for forklifts, allowing efficient handling of the freight during the loading and unloading processes.

Step Deck Trailers – 

Typically constructed using steel or aluminum to provide durability and strength while minimizing weight. They are available in various lengths, widths, and weight capacities to cater to different types of cargo and transportation requirements.

The benefits of using step deck trailers include their versatility in transporting oversized and irregularly shaped items, their ability to provide better height clearance compared to flatbed trailers, and their stability in load distribution. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and automotive, where the transportation of large machinery, equipment, and vehicles required.

In summary, a trailer a specialized semi-trailer with a lower and upper deck configuration. Offers advantages for transporting oversized and heavy cargo, providing height clearance, accessibility, and stability during transit. Step deck trailers play a vital role in facilitating the transportation of various goods across different industries.

What Are the Advantages of a Step Deck Trailer?

Step Deck Trailers have several advantages over traditional flatbed trailers:

Lower Height:

The lower of a Step Deck Trailer allows for taller loads to be transported while staying within height restrictions.

Better Stability:

The lower center of gravity on a Step Deck Trailer makes it more stable, especially when hauling heavy or bulky loads.

Improved Safety:

The steps on a Step Deck Trailer provide a safer way to load and unload cargo, reducing the risk of injury to the driver and others.

More Versatility:

The two levels on a Step Deck Trailer provide more flexibility for loading and transporting a wide variety of cargo.

What Types of Loads are Transported on Step Deck Trailers?

Step Deck Trailers ideal for transporting oversized or heavy loads that can’t be transported on a traditional flatbed trailer. Some common types of loads transported on Step Deck Trailers include:

Heavy machinery and equipment
Large vehicles, such as buses or RVs
Construction materials, such as steel beams or concrete forms
Farm equipment, such as tractors or combines
Wind turbine components

What Are the Dimensions of a Step Deck Trailer?

The dimensions of a step deck trailer can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, here are the typical dimensions you can expect for a step deck trailer:

  • Length:

The overall length typically ranges between 48 to 53 feet (14.6 to 16.2 meters). However, there are variations available, including shorter or longer trailers, depending on regional regulations and specific transportation needs.

  • Lower Length:

The length of the lower deck, also known as the well, can range from approximately 28 to 37 feet (8.5 to 11.3 meters). This provides ample space for accommodating taller cargo on the upper deck.

  • Upper Length:

The upper deck, located at the rear of the trailer, generally shorter than the lower deck. Its length can vary between 8 to 12 feet (2.4 to 3.7 meters). The shorter upper deck allows for additional loading space on the lower deck.

  • Width:

The standard width is 8.5 feet (2.6 meters). This width complies with the legal regulations for road transportation and provides sufficient space for accommodating standard-sized cargo.

  • Lower Height:

The lower deck of a step deck trailer closer to the ground compared to the upper deck. The typical lower deck height ranges from 40 to 48 inches (101 to 122 cm). This lower height allows for better height clearance and accommodates taller cargo.

  • Upper Height:

The upper deck positioned above the lower deck and generally higher in height. The upper deck height can vary between 50 to 60 inches (127 to 152 cm). The increased height of the upper deck allows for more flexibility in cargo placement.

It’s important to note that these dimensions approximate and can vary based on regional regulations, manufacturer specifications, and specific trailer configurations. Advisable to consult with a trailer manufacturer or transportation expert to determine the exact dimensions of a step deck trailer that meets your requirements.


Step Deck Trailers an excellent option for transporting oversized or heavy loads that can’t be transported on a traditional flatbed trailer. With their lower height, better stability, improved safety, and increased versatility, Step Deck Trailers are a popular choice for many businesses. If you’re in need of a Step Deck Trailer for your next transport, be sure to choose a reputable and experienced transport company to ensure a safe and efficient transport of your cargo.

In conclusion, Step Deck Trailers an essential tool for the transportation of oversized or heavy loads. They offer increased flexibility, improved safety, and better stability, making them a popular choice for many businesses. At United States Trucks, we understand the importance of having the right equipment for your transportation needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality Step Deck Trailers, along with experienced drivers and logistics support to ensure a safe and efficient transport of your cargo. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next transport.